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Everyday Sustainability Bag Essentials

What things come to mind that you can’t leave your home without? For many, the first couple items are their phone, wallet and keys. But after that, what else? What if those next choices were items that could help save the planet?

Sustainability is defined as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Every decision we make everyday has some sort of impact on our environment. Every object you buy has a resource footprint and it will have an effect on the planet depending on what you do with it afterwards. Every resource we consume and every choice we make follows this pattern. In this light, it can be easily overwhelming to try being aware of everything around you and what you are contributing to. One solution to this is making sure that you have some sustainability essentials- ready to go, wherever you go. Here are some things that I carry with me to help make better choices for our planet:

  • Reusable Water Bottle - Rather than buying water in a plastic bottle, I bring a stainless steel water bottle that I fill up before I leave.

  • Container - If you decide to eat out, bring your own tupperware to use that can be brought home, cleaned, and reused. By bringing your own container, you avoid taking home leftovers in a styrofoam or plastic container.

  • Utensil Set - Another thing that may come in handy when eating out is a reusable utensil set instead of using single-use plastic utensils on the go.

You can use a double-sided reusable bamboo utensil, but you can always pack your own from home:

  • Reusable Straw - Similar to the utensil set, having an option that you can carry, wash and reuse will save you from using single-use plastic straws.

This for example, is one set of 8” reusable bent glass straws:

  • Reusable Face Mask - An essential since 2020, and it is a great option to have a cloth face mask that can be washed and worn again, rather than using a mask once.

  • Hand Sanitizer - Another essential since 2020.

I carry a sustainably-sourced hand sanitizer that happens to be vegan and free of chemicals:

  • Lip Balm - A great thing to keep on the go!

  • Collapsible Grocery Bag - Rather than getting a plastic bag when you go shopping, having a reusable option that you can bring with you wherever you go saves that waste.

I love carrying these items with me so that I can make better choices on the go. Rather than using a single-use product or supporting an unsustainable company, I bring these options to help the planet everywhere I am, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.


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