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At LandHealth, we’re all about the Layers - the various tiers of interconnected systems that comprise our biosphere, our fount of life - from the bedrock deep beneath our grounds and oceans, all the way to the very tops of the tallest trees in our forests.

In carrying out our mission to Put Nature Back and Restore Community Connections, all that LandHealth does centers around teaching about the wonders of and restoring the vitality of our precious, living Layers.


We are proud to invite you to join us directly in carrying out our mission - by becoming a LandHealth member. And, fittingly, we are proud to present your choices of supporting us as an array of Membership Layers, replete with benefits. See which Layer works best for you. 


Our appeal is to ALL of us: the Human Layer - sublayer of the Animal Layer, creator of the Plastic Layer, the Smog Layer, the Commercial Agriculture Layer, and the like. From fracking to flying, the impacts of our single species permeate all the Layers of the biosphere, which desperately needs our help right now. So, choose your Membership Layer, join LandHealth, and heal the land. 


Click each layer below to explore the wonders each membership plan has to offer.

The foundation. Be it schist, be it gneiss, be it granite, be it limestone, the Bedrock Layer underlies all.

Sand, silt, clay. Essential mineral nutrients. Rich organic matter, teeming with microscopic life. A unique resource for cures. Magic abounds within the Soil Layer.

Essence of Life as we know it. All Life sprouted from the water. Oceans, streams, lakes, and ponds at the surface. Purified aquifers below. As our Water Layers flow, so flow we. 

We should all be huggers of trees and shrubs and kelp and flowers - our primary producers. All food stems from plants. Oxygen that we breathe, as well. We owe our lives to the precious Green Plant Layer.

Towering high atop our forests, be they eastern deciduous, temperate rain, tropical rain, or taiga, reside our tallest, most massive living organisms. Moderating climate. Sequestering carbon. Sheltering billions. The Tree Canopy Layer is life of the top.