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Environmental Education

The disconnection between humans and nature has produced a host of global environmental issues, including many of the problems that impact urban neighborhoods. LandHealth restores connections by providing engaging, interdisciplinary education about the land.

Educational Programs


ProFESS: After School

ProFESS: After School is an 8-10 week, after-school environmental education program designed to provide students of all ages (K-12) with the opportunity to develop their own relationship with nature and explore their roles as Future Environmental Scientists and Stewards. With a focus on playful learning, ProFESS strives to spark curiosity, evoke discovery, inspire connections, and instill wonder in students as they learn about the natural world just outside their classroom doors. Tailored to the needs of your students, ProFESSers gain confidence outside as they foster their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

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City Wild is a summer camp for curious kids ages 10-13 that offers two-week session of off-the-beaten-path adventures and behind-the-scenes excursions through Philly’s neighborhoods to explore nature in the urban environment.


The Program for Future Environmental Scientists and Stewards (ProFESS) is a 10-week, paid summer opportunity designed to provide students with interdisciplinary, immersive, hands-on exposure to the natural and built environment. ProFESS enables youth to develop their own relationship with nature–one that is rooted in self-confidence, mutual respect, and discovery. Traveling between Philly's major waterways and natural spaces, ProFESSers learn about the importance of the environment and the roles they play in it as they explore concepts of ecology, watersheds, sustainable practices, and environmental justice. 

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Using the river and land between the Ben Franklin Bridge and Pier 70 as the classroom, this program is designed to enhance appreciation of natural systems, the built environment, and the complex interactions between the two. In applying these skills, participants are exposed to the basics of ecology, urban planning, landscape design, river properties, geology, history, hydrology, and soil.

Program for Future Environmental Scientists and Stewards (ProFESS)
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