The disconnection between humans and nature has produced a host of global environmental issues, including many of the problems that impact urban neighborhoods. LandHealth restores connections by providing engaging, interdisciplinary education about the land.


Philadelphia Watershed Stewardship Program


The Philadelphia Watershed Stewardship Program is an initiative to empower young people to become stewards of our city and our planet, by becoming stakeholders in our collective wellness. This program is designed to support high school students as they become the change makers, ecologists, scientists, urban planners, and leaders of tomorrow. Accepted students will be trained as stewards of the creek, earn money, gain real-world experience, and engage with environmental and civic leaders in the area.

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City Wild is a summer camp for curious kids ages 10-13 that offers two-week session of off-the-beaten-path adventures and behind-the-scenes excursions through Philly’s neighborhoods to explore nature in the urban environment.


The Program for Future Environmental Scientists and Stewards (ProFESS) is an after-school program designed to provide students with interdisciplinary, immersive, hands-on exposure to the natural and built environment. ProFESS allows kids to develop their own relationship with nature– one that is rooted in self-confidence, mutual respect and discovery. ProFESSers apply their new knowledge toward a service project that they leave as a legacy to their school.

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Using the river and land between the Ben Franklin Bridge and Pier 70 as the classroom, this program is designed to enhance appreciation of natural systems, the built environment, and the complex interactions between the two. In applying these skills, participants are exposed to the basics of ecology, urban planning, landscape design, river properties, geology, history, hydrology, and soil.