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Urban Ecological Research

LandHealth partners with organizations and local communities on ecological research projects in order to provide a better understanding of the native ecosystem and all of its parts.

Whitby Meadow with Audubon Pennsylvania

LandHealth has partnered with Audubon Pennsylvania on a restoration project within the Cobbs Creek Riparian Corridor, in the Whitby section of Cobbs Creek. LandHealth is creating a Natural Resources Inventory by conducting a series of field visits to analyze and assess existing ecological conditions within and adjacent to the area. LandHealth's "ecological layer" approach involves:

Natural Layers:

Site geology

General soil conditions

Present plant communities

Ecological conditions of the Creek

General hydrology within the project area

Observed/signs of wildlife

And Human Layers 

Remnant built structures

Visible pollution

Detectable onsite land uses and urban infrastructure

Point sources of stream pollution

Discarded waste, debris

Urban Gardens

LandHealth has had several projects related to creating gardens in various parts of Philadelphia and learning about the effects that these gardens have on the community. Once the garden is set up, it is up to the people who live in the area to maintain it and make sure that all of the plants are growing and that there are no weeds or pests to damage them.

Mt Moriah Cemetery Project

LandHealth has been continously planting plants in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, and has created several plans in order to help with this process ... Learn more about the importance of the cemetery to the Philadelphia environment here

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