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Assessing Your Most Vital Relationships

Do you have a life partner? If not, do you hope to have one someday?

If you do have a life partner, do you demonstrate your love for them

daily, or only periodically, such as on your anniversary? Is your

relationship with your life partner top of mind, or off to the side?

Do you truly treasure your relationship with your life partner? If so,

do they feel your love every day, as a constant?

We all have at least one life partner: Earth. For each of us, Earth is

our intimately close relative - both our ancestor and our descendent.

Earth provides for us our food, our shelter, our oxygen. Earth gives

us our life.

Are you aware of your life partner named Earth? Do you and your life

partner have a healthy, loving, reciprocal relationship? Do you return

your partner’s love daily? And does your partner, your loving, giving

Earth, feel your love every day, as a constant?

On this Earth Day 2021, assess your most vital relationships.


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