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Calling all Philadelphia High-School Students!

Today is Martin Luther King day. A day when Americans, together, honor the memory and legacy of this great leader by volunteering to make our country, and our world, better. We at LandHealth Institute are happy that today gives us a chance to announce an opportunity for Philadelphia High School students to pitch in and improve the environmental health of our city...

Calling all Philadelphia High School Students!

The Philadelphia Watershed Stewardship (PWS) program is now accepting applications for 2020. Space is limited and you don't want to miss this field-based, hands-on opportunity. Join Scott Quitel, founder of LandHealth Institute, for an immersive ten-week experience... go deep into urban and natural water cycles, geology, history, and ecology. Explore our city’s parks, creeks, and rivers. Take what you’ve learned to environmental festivals, on the river and on the trail- guided walks, kayaking, urban cycling, fishing, hiking. And earn a $500 stipend while doing it!

Work with us to keep our city (and planet!) healthy.

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