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Steward’s Blog First Hand

The Philadelphia Cobbs Creek stewardship program have taught me more about nature and about Philly then I have heard from anyone anywhere else. Through this program I have met some amazing people with amazing gifts. They take what they do serious and they love what they do. I enjoyed numerous adventures during this program but, my favorite had to be our nature walks through papa playground. During this time we were able to see both sides of Indiana creek and learning how it came to be and of its various life forms. I also learned on these walks about pangaea. I remember all around Indiana rock use to be covered with water. Until the tectonic plates shifted causing earthquakes that broke apart pangaea. That's how Indian rock was formed because it broke apart for Africa. I liked learning about the geography of the world and how it came to be it interest me. I am glad to see this. I can wait to see how later in the future it will change or stay the same. I also like how near Indian run we saw a rock quarry. My favorite thing of learning about the geography of the world was learning that the shiny things in rocks was a mineral called mica.Which I thought was really cool to see in Philadelphia that I never knew was there. This program was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I hope other will join as well and continue to love this program as I did.

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