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​ ​​ My Experience at the Stewardship Program

In the Stewardship program I experienced hiking through trails and rivers and fishing. Also, I explored areas that I've either never heard of or never visited before. Such as Mt.Moriah Cemetery, Haddington woods and Morris Park.

One thing that I've learned is how important green spaces and ( woods, parks etc.) native species are to the environment. Green spaces are important because a lot of the land is being taken away and used for development. Green spaces are also important because they give homes to the animals, eventually resulting in the species giving back to the environment. Native species are important because they help the environment thrive and keep balance. Native species are also important because, alot of non native species have been introduced to the area and are invading. Through the program I have learned what a healthy stream looks like. A healthy stream has pools for fish, and easy access up and down the stream for aquatic organisms. Also, there aren't alot, to none at all erosion. The stream should also be in motion and contain freshwater species, especially native species. Such as mayflies and darters which indicate cleanliness, because they are only found in healthy(clean) streams. To conclude, I really like the program and wouldn't mind joining again next year. I would definitely recommend this program to others, and I am looking forward to being able to tell others about the program and show them what I've learned through it.

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