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Program for Future Environmental
Scientists and Stewards (ProFESS) 2022

ProFESS, formerly the Philadelphia Watershed Stewardship (PWS) program, is in its sixth year of  empowering 9th-12th grade students in Philadelphia to be our next generation of environmental scientists and stewards.

ProFESS students met every Wednesday over the course of ten weeks from June 22 - August 24, splitting into their assigned watersheds...


Week 2 - Watersheds - Fairmount Discovery Center

Week 3 -Stormwater Management -

Glen Foerd, Cobbs Creek Environmental Center and Fairmount Water Works

Week 9 -Forest ecology & succession - State Road and Rhawn Street, Haddington Woods and Manayunk Canal

Students also had the chance to continue engaging in more learning opportunities...

They participated in discussions about the difference between native versus non-native plants and invasive versus non-native plants.

They were given an introduction to their specific watershed. They were given a lesson on geography to make sure everyone had a sense of where they had already visited in the program, where they were during this first week in their smaller groups, and where they would visit in the next 7 weeks.

Highlights from ProFESS 2022

Sponsored by Philadelphia Water Department

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