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Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolis heterolepis)

Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolis heterolepis)

Image: North Creek Nurseries



Sporobolus heterolepis or Prairie Dropseed is a native clump-forming, warm season grass. The grass features fine, hair-like, green leaves and grows around 2-3' tall. Branching flower panicles appear in clumps during the late summer. The flowers are pink with brown tints, and smell like coriander. In the fall, the green foliage turns orange and tiny mature seeds drop. In the winter, the foliage appears brown. It tolerates well with drought.



Plant in average, dry to medium moisture, and well-drained soils in full sun. The Prairie Dropseed can tolerate other soils such as heavy clay, but prefers rocky and dry soils. It will take a while to establish and slowly grows, but will be tolerant to droughts once established. Propagate by seed


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