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Beardtongue 'Husker's Red' (Penstemon digitalis)

Beardtongue 'Husker's Red' (Penstemon digitalis)


Image: Pleasant Run Nursery



Penstemon digitalis, or Beardtongue 'Husker's Red' is a perennial featuring light pink flower. The flowers bloom in the early summer (June-July) on tall stalks with dark red foliage, and can grow up to 3' tall. Flowers attract pollinators and foliage can support insect larvae. The Beardtongue is tolerant to droughts, deer, and clay.



Plant in average to dry, well-drained soils in full sun. Regular watering helps Beardtongue 'Husker's Red' establish, and it becomes tolerant to drought. The plant can tolerate dry shade, but avoid deep shade. Avoid heavy clay soils and winter moisture to prevent crown rot.


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