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Marginal wood fern (Dryopteris marginalis)

Marginal wood fern (Dryopteris marginalis)

Image: North Creek Nurseries



Dryopteris marginalis or the marginal wood fern have leathery leaves that are a great addition to a woodland garden and can form a lovely and easy to maintain groundcover. It forms a tidy clump that will not spread and is very tolerant of dry shade conditions once it has established. Marginal wood fern is often found in shaded crevices of rocky ledges and bluffs.



Wood ferns prefer average to moist, rich, well-drained soils in shade or part sun. They tolerate drought very well once established. Needs protection from wind to keep the foliage looking nice. Best planted in masses in the shaded or woodland garden, as an accent or mixed with bulbs and other native perennials. To propogate, spore may be collected in late summer. Small crowns found near the main rosette can be carefully separated and trasplanted. 


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