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Coral Bells 'Dale's Strain' (Heuchera americana)

Coral Bells 'Dale's Strain' (Heuchera americana)


Image: North Creek Nurseries


Heuchera americana, commonly called Coral Bells, is a 12-18 inch tall perennial featuring silver-blue marble-like foliage. In warm climates, the foliage is evergreen throughout the winter. In the spring, light pink flowers will appear on the long panicles. Coral Bells 'Dale's Strain' will spread to 18 inches in clumps over time.



Plant in organic-rich, loamy or mesic soils in partial shade. Coral Bells 'Dale's Strain' can tolerate full sun but soils must be consistently moist. Every 3-4 years, divide clumps. Cut back flower panicles after bloom and deadhead to extend flowering season.


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