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LandHealth Institute is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to "restore connections between nature and people". We focus on exploration, immersive environmental education, and community-based land revitalization. LandHealth aims to build environmental awareness and appreciation while enhancing the environmental, social, and economic vitality of the city.


LandHealth's philosophy is grounded in the belief that healthy land is at the root of healthy communities. Our methodology is to plant seeds of discovery, knowledge, and stewardship. As an expert facilitator of robust community engagement, we elicit a deeper understanding of community ecology, economy, and cultural identity leading to holistic planning and design projects. We spark visible change to restore the ecological, social, and economic health of urban communities.

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LandHealth Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2013 as a direct effort to reverse the declining health of our biosphere through education, research, design, and restoration. For meaningful change to be seen and felt across urban landscapes, land health awareness must be instilled within the community. The need for widespread land health awareness and action is urgent.

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The PhilaFlora Native Plant Nursery is now open!

November 2, 2015

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