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My Experience

Throughout the Philadelphia Watershed Stewardship program, I have grown and have gained a lot of knowledge of my environment and the world we live in. When I first started the program I had no clue of what a watershed was. Before I started the program I didn’t really think of myself as a "nature" person, or someone who would stop to figure out was kind of tree that was. It was a trip that I attended with the program that really changed the way that I viewed the world. The one trip that I really enjoyed was when we went fishing and I caught a catfish, who would think that a catfish was right in the water beneath me. But I also realized and saw how dirty the water was. I knew that we had to do something about this, but where would we start. My experience with the program has been a realization of how oblivious I've been to the dirt and filth that surrounds my city.

I really enjoyed the walks through the woods and bike rides with the other stewards along with Scott and Dan as our guides. On these walks and ventures, I saw a lot of things I have never seen in my life because of this program. It showed me a lot of new and interesting things. It has also given me a lot of knowledge I can take with me in life, into college or a career. I'm so grateful for this program and how it has taught me things like how a tree grows opposed to a blade of grass or the difference between a meadow and a prairie. Overall the Watershed program was a great place to meet people that were interested in the same things as you. It has also taught me many ways of how to make a change/difference in making my environment cleaner and better for everyone.

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