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My Steward Experience

For the last year I’ve been part of the Cobbs Creek stewardship program. This program has been a very fun and educational experience which gave me something other than work to do during the week. Throughout this year long program we went on a number of trips to different areas around the city, those thing: being to different creeks, to wildlife parks, greenhouses, on fishing trips, to environmental conventions, tree climbing, biking around the city, visiting century old cemeteries and kayaking. One of the main objectives of this was to give us the information we needed to teach others about our environment and the things that we need to know to make it better. My favorite outings that we would go on were when we would walk down park trails and talk about the different plants there and the history of the area. It was a very peaceful time where we would just take a long walk surrounded by nature. The outing that I enjoyed the most was our third or fourth week of class when we went to the trail on the right hand side of 63 and market. It was a pretty warm day and it was sunny, we saw different native and invasive plants as we walked. We made our way to a man-made water way that was filled with logs, big rocks, and blocks of concrete. We saw snakes in the water and small fish swimming in the Creek. We made our way to a deer fence that stretched nearly half of the remainder of the trail. We walked all the way to a golf course. When we were returning before we exited the trial we saw a lady walking down the trial with no shoes on and she seemed they confused about what was going on. That was my favorite experience in that program.

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