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Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)


Image: North Creek Nurseries



Monarda fistulosa, or the Wild Bergamot, is a native wildflower perennial featuring pink to lavender flowers depending on its environmental conditions, in circle bracts  and atop of aromatic foliage. Flowers bloom in the summer (June-August), sometimes in early fall, and grows up to 5' tall. Wild Bergamots attracts a variety of pollinators and specialist insects. It is tolerant to mildew and droughts.



Plant in  moist, organic-rich, and well drained soils in full sun. In moist conditions, the plant may flop, so planting it with other perennials or companion plants can help provide structure. Wild Bergamot can also tolerate dry soils and partial shade, but drier conditions may make foliage on the lower stem fall off. Plant will self seed.


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