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Rosemallow (Hibiscus moschetos)

Rosemallow (Hibiscus moschetos)


Image: North Creek Nurseries



Hibiscus moscheutos, or Rosemallow, is a 3-7' tall perennial featuring pink to white five petaled flowers and large leaves. Flowers only last for a day, but appear consistently throughout their blooming season in the late summer. It is tolerant of salt and wet, heavy clay soils unlike some other perennials. Rosemallow's nectar and seeds support pollinators and songbirds.



Plant in rich and consistently moist soils in full sun or partial shade. Rosemallow has a rapid growth and will need fertilizer and may require some staking in early summer. Provide adequate airflow to reduce risk of disease. Use mulch to protect roots from winter frost and prune in early spring to maintain plant growth. Propagate by seed, greenwood cuttings, root division and layering. It is recommended to plant in groups and near moist areas.


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