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Blue Wood Aster (Aster cordifolius)
  • Blue Wood Aster (Aster cordifolius)

    Image: North Creek Nurseries



    Aster cordifolius, or the Blue Wood Aster, is a native perennial that can grow up to around 3' tall. The plant grows upright in branched forms and purple-blue to white daisy-like flowers with yellow centers bloom in the late summer to fall (August and September). Most asters's lower leaves are heart-shaped while upper leaves are more oval. Its foliage is a favorite for wild animals, and like other Asters, it provides a habitat for insect larvae and a nectar source for bees and butterflies. The Blue Wood Aster has a fibrous root system, making them effective in controling erosions on hillsides.



    The Blue Wood Aster thrives in many conditions. Plant in average, dry soils in partial sun or partial shade. It prefers partial shade but can tolerate sun or shade. Avoid consistent moist soils. For flowering, Asters need to receive at least 3 hours of sunlight each day. It spreads by seeds and rhizomotously.


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