Baccharis halimifolia

Baccharis halimifolia


Baccharis halimifolia, commonly called eastern baccharis, salt bush, or groundsel bush, is a fast-growing, medium to large, deciduous shrub. Mature specimens take on a highly branched, rounded to upright form and can reach up to 10' tall with an equal spread. Some single-trunked individuals may take on the growth habit of a small tree. This plant is dioecious, meaning female and male flowers bloom on separate individuals. The seeds mature in fall and are topped by a silvery-white, feathery pappus that aids in wind dispersal. Female plants can be readily distinguished from males during fruiting. The flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies, and other insect pollinators. The densely branched habit of this plant provides nesting habitat and cover for birds and other animals.



Easily grown in evenly moist to wet, sandy to loamy, well-draining soils in full sun. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions including poor, shallow, rocky, clayey, dry or wet soils, brackish waters and salt-spray. Easily grown from seed.


Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Asteraceae

Zone: 5 to 10

Height: 3.00 to 10.00 feet

Spread: 3.00 to 10.00 feet

Bloom Time: August to October

Bloom Description: White

Sun: Full sun

Water: Medium to wet

Maintenance: Low

Flower: Insignificant

Attracts: Birds, Butterflies

Fruit: Showy

Tolerate: Clay Soil, Dry Soil, Wet Soil, Shallow-Rocky Soil

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